Czech company Umbrella Mobility enters the urban and suburban transport market in Germany

The Czech company Umbrella Mobility, one of the most important partners of the German carrier FlixBus in Europe, has successfully expanded its activities into the urban and suburban transport segment. In the second half of 2019, it started to provide urban and suburban transport in Hamburg.

Tým Umbrella City Lines   |   13. 07. 2024

“Umbrella is one of the top three carriers globally in terms of size within FlixBus. Every year, we cover around 25 million kilometres. It is therefore logical that we were approached by representatives of various cities asking if we would be able to provide urban and suburban transport for them as well. In addition, we are well established in Hamburg, where we have had the German part of Umbrella and our operating facilities for many years. So when the representatives of the city of Hamburg approached us, after some consideration, we replied that we were certainly capable of doing so.” explains Pavel Steiner, founder and CEO of Umbrella Mobility.

Today, 18 Mercedes-Benz and MAN buses with the Umbrella logo are operating in Hamburg and its suburban districts as part of the comprehensive mobility of the city of Hamburg. “During February and March 2020, 8 more buses of the same brand will be added. From December 2020, we should roughly double our services in Hamburg and gradually increase the kilometres covered in urban and suburban mobility in the following years. From 2022, we should also start operating fully electric buses.” specifies Pavel Steiner.

Umbrella Mobility has thus built on two years of providing replacement bus services in and around Hamburg, when its buses were deployed during planned and unexpected rail disruptions. Umbrella also currently operates a replacement bus service in Berlin. During 2020, it will start providing urban and suburban transport in Berlin, and from 2021 also in Munich. This year alone, Umbrella must procure and put into service at least 54 buses for urban and suburban transport.

Prague-based Umbrella Mobility, which was joined by strategic financial partner RSBC Group in early 2020, is now one of the largest Central European carriers with offices in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, and plans to open offices in Paris and Amsterdam this year. It is also one of FlixBus’ largest partners in Europe, operating 5,400 connections in 19 countries and connecting more than 500 destinations every month in cooperation with the German company. In addition, it also rents luxury coaches for tour and incoming transport and provides turnkey travel services or charters boats and yachts. Umbrella Mobility represents four brands in total – Umbrella Coach&Buses, Umbrella City lines, Umbrella Holiday and Umbrella Yacht. The group employs more than 400 people in the Czech Republic and Germany and has an annual turnover of more than CZK 1 billion.

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